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Former Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez Officially Indicted On Murder Charge

Aaron Hernandez had a court hearing on Thursday for the homicide of Odin Lloyd. The indictment officially returned on Hernandez on a number of charges, including murder.


Though Aaron Hernandez has little to do with Bengals news, we feel obliged to update you on one of the biggest stories to ever surround an NFL player. As you know by know, the former New England Patriots Pro Bowl tight end was booked with the murder of Odin Lloyd. He was an acquaintance of Hernandez and a former semi-professional football player himself.

Hernandez has been locked up since being named a prime suspect in the case and had a court hearing on Thursday. In it, the prosecutor of the case officially indicted Hernandez on a number of charges, including first degree murder. According to multiple sources, that wasn't the only charge for which he was indicted.

Per TMZ, Hernandez also is facing indictment on carrying a firearm, possession of a high-capacity weapon and two counts of possession of ammunition. These are obviously lesser charges than that of first-degree murder, but serious all the same.

At the hearing, Hernandez looked understandably nervous and some observed that he has lost a bit of weight since being in jail. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Obviously, there is a lot more to unfold here.