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Cowboys dominate Bengals defense on 87-yard possession with a touchdown

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The Dallas Cowboys tied the game at seven by going 87 yards on 12 plays with easy pitch-and-catch passes from Tony Romo that the Bengals cornerbacks couldn't defend.

Ronald Martinez

What is with the Cowboys?

After the Bengals take a quick lead, Dallas' offense finally wakes up reminiscent of Cincinnati's loss last year in week 12. Starting from their own 13-yard line -- helped with a five-yard penalty having too many men on the field -- the Bengals defense bent to the point of having their backs broken.

It was seriously a disappointing possession that lacked coverage by the team's cornerbacks.

Whether it was a slant that exposed a brief gap in zone coverage against Terence Newman, Leon Hall's missed tackle on a nasty spin move by Austin Miles, or Dre Kirkpatrick being schooled in the endzone by Dez Bryant (and that was after Kirkpatrick's missed tackle on another Bryant six-yard reception), the Cowboys tied the game by charging 87 yards on 12 plays.