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J.K. Schaffer on Roster Cuts: It's not easy

Players with an uncertain future are preparing for Sunday's game, which may be the most important in their young careers.


Paul Dehner with the Cincinnati Enquirer highlights bubble players and how critical Thursday's game is, calling it the most important game in some of these players' careers.

"It's tough because I've been through it before," JK Schaffer told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "I've had the worst case scenario happen. This year I am trying to put that stuff aside and go play ball. Finish it off right and figure out what happens after that. It's definitely tough, it's not easy."

There's quotes from other bubble players.

Schaffer is remembered for having played all four preseason games for the Jacksonville Jaguars in '12, leading the team with 18 tackles while generating an interception and two passes defensed. Fast-forward one year later and Schaffer is currently tied for the team lead with 15 tackles, joined by rookie safety Shawn Williams. The Cincinnati native spent the final eight games and the Wild Card playoff loss on the team's practice squad last year after a two-week layover in Tampa Bay on their practice squad.

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