Bengals avoiding any possible hype between Geno and Harrison?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I keep seeing little things on Hard Knocks that make me wish that Geno and Harrison could throw down. There was the Oklahoma drill...and I understand they are both defensive players, but how cool would it have been to see the two go at it? Pretty damn cool.

When there are locker room debates about who the strongest player is, the most feared, and the most respected you hear a lot of praise for both. Yet, they are never in the same shot at the same time.

This last episode you had the arm wrestling matches where Harrison threw down and won decisively. How excited would you have been to see the veritably strongest player on the Bengals go up against a once hated, and now coveted James Harrison? I can tell you this guy...would have been pretty damn excited.

It's probably making something out of nothing, but there are obvious comparisons between the two for dominance at their positions and being meanest, strongest, most talented on the defense. The two haven't been recorded in Hard Knocks in the same room, much less talked about in the same sentence. Obviously this isn't worthy of being an actual CincyJungle post, but it's interesting to speculate about if you're bored.

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