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Colts at Bengals: Usual Suspects Sitting

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The usual suspects are sitting against the Indianapolis Colts.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

The team released their "we don't expect to play" list during the usual 90-minute timeframe before kickoff -- next week it'll be the inactive list of seven players for one reason or another.

Most of the names for tonight are expected. Offensive tackles Andrew Whitworth and Andre Smith are out, replaced by Anthony Collins and Dennis Roland in the starting lineup respectively. Cornerbacks Brandon Ghee and Dre Kirkpatrick, currently undergoing concussion protocols, are out, opening the door for younger corners like Chris Lewis-Harris and Shaun Prater.

Carlos Dunlap, another player that has been dealing with a concussion during the preseason, is sitting with Robert Geathers starting at left defensive tackle (like usual). Likely the team is taking it easy with Dunlap, similar to their approach for Whitworth, preferring to have them available on Sept. 8 during the team's regular season opener in Chicago. I guess that's a good idea.

And of course the usual suspects in Andrew Hawkins and Bernard Scott.