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Bengals LB Emmanuel Lamur carted off the field with shoulder injury

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The Bengals may have suffered their most significant injury in terms of roster impact yet when linebacker Emmanuel Lamur was carted off the field with an apparent shoulder injury.

The Indianapolis Colts basically gave up on the possession, calling Donald Brown on third-and-11 but only converting two yards on the play. Everyone celebrated holding the Colts to a fourth down, forcing Indianapolis to punt with 5:26 remaining in the first quarter.

Well, not everyone.

Linebacker Emmanuel Lamur took his time standing up but then the training staff jogged onto the field and Lamur went back down. It appeared that the second-year linebacker awkwardly tackled Brown and banged his shoulder pretty significantly.

The cart came out onto the field and picked up Lamur, who was visibly upset.

He was quickly labeled as out (which never happens unless it's a major injury, but it's the fourth preseason game so who knows).

This story will be developing.