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Bengals and Colts to re-air on Sunday

If you missed Cincinnati's win over the Colts on Thursday night, the game will re-air on the NFL Network on Sunday morning.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Say that you're a hard-working blue-collar working man (or woman) that just wanted to sit back and watch the Cincinnati Bengals play the preseason finale against the Indianapolis Colts. You can't go to the game because you have other obligations, related to your children or a mean ol' bat of a wife that put a nix on those awesome plans with the boys. And god forbid a sports fan puts a little more financial priority on other things than an exhibition game.

You stay home, but the game didn't sell out. Damned Bengals fans. How could Bengals fans not want to pay full price for the final preseason game of the year where starters are gone within a blink of an eye, and force a city-wide blackout?

The game re-aired at 11:35 p.m. However, as a hard-working blue-collar working man (or woman), you need to wake up early for your Friday morning shift. You can't watch an exhibition game that late, so you ax that idea and go to bed.

Nothing about this scenario makes sense. If it were about greed, NFL owners should realize that ticket reduction would lead to a greater number of purchased tickets and more revenue. I've always believed that if you reduce tickets enough, people that are financially struggling would take advantage of that to watch an NFL game that they normally wouldn't be able to see live. The experience might even make them greater fans, purchasing more merchandise and even season tickets if those financial struggles disappear.

There is one caveat for now. The Bengals and Colts will re-air on the NFL Network at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 1. By then the roster is set and you're probably watching several players that are no longer employed by the Bengals. But at least you have that option Sunday morning.