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Bengals Training Camp Day Eight: Observations and Photos from Sunday

Cincy Jungle's very own Andrew Miller returns for a few observations and a gallery of photos after attending the Bengals eighth practice.

Sunday's practice was one of the least eventful practices as the Bengals prepare for their trip to Atlanta for Thursday's preseason game. Players weren't in pads and were mostly divided up for positional drills throughout the afternoon. Of the brief 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills at practice, there were a few highlights. Because of the toned down practice, I don't have many observations to offer but I'll leave you with a few of course:

  • Brandon Tate stood out Sunday afternoon. He caught several deep passes from Dalton; the highlight of the afternoon was when Tate caught a deep pass while diving for it.
  • Tyler Eifert continues to display his talents every day in camp. Dalton has been targeting him heavily, and today was no exception. It will be interesting to see how much work Eifert gets against Atlanta on Thursday.
  • Even though he wasn't practicing, Andrew Whitworth was always watching practice, chatting with other players, and assisting his fellow offensive linemen during drills.
  • I took some brief video of some drills while at practice.

To make up for a lack of notable moments from Sunday's practice, I've put together a gallery of photos from the day. Enjoy!