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Atlanta Falcons also dealing with Hard Knocks with Bengals in town

The Falcons will be dealing with the Hard Knocks crew when the two teams practice each other this week.

It's not just the Cincinnati Bengals that will be heading down to Atlanta this week. In tow will be cameras and microphones owned by NFL Films for production in HBO's Hard Knocks, documenting the team's training camp this year.

And the Falcons aren't so sure about the arrival of cameras and mikes.

The Bengals are in Atlanta this week to practice with the Falcons on Monday and Tuesday (3-5:30 p.m.) before the two teams kickoff their preseason opener on Thursday (ESPN). Lewis, who is close friends with Mike Smith, spoke about the parameters and boundaries of the Hard Knocks crew. Smith, with the experience of Hard Knocks with the Ravens, won't allow his players to be miked.

And the Falcons players are fine with that.

"I'm not really a miked-up guy," Falcons receiver Roddy White told the Associate Press on Sunday. "I just like to come out here and practice. I don't want them to hear what I'm saying because I don't want them to say it on TV. We'll be going over signals and things like that, so I don't want to give away our calls early in the season."

The Hard Knocks crew won't surprise the Falcons either.

HBO executive producer Ross Ketover said he made sure there will be no surprises for Smith and the Falcons.

''We've worked a lot with coach Smith,'' Ketover said. ''In fact, we spent a summer with the Jaguars one year when he was the coordinator down there. So I don't expect any issues with the Falcons.''

Ketover said it was difficult to predict how much the Falcons would be seen on the series.

"I think it will be based on what happens, if there's a lot of interaction," Ketover said. "Look, we're covering the making of the Cincinnati Bengals, so if there's a lot of interaction with the Falcons either on game day or during practices that are relevant to that story, we'll cover it. It's not going to be half of that show's going to be about one team and half's going to be about the other."

The first of five episodes will premiere on HBO Tuesday night (Aug. 6).