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Orson Charles to take snaps at tight end next week

Bengals H-Back Orson Charles has spent most of the season playing full back (H-Back). He'll begin taking snaps at tight end next week.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Orson Charles may have found his niche.

Instead of fighting for playing time on a team loaded with tight ends, Charles welcomes the change to H-Back, which is a hybrid role that's first-and-foremost fullback, but not limited to. Chris Pressley remains on the team's PUP and John Connor, while a violent blocker at his natural position, doesn't have the versatility that Charles adds. And Charles is completely on board with that change.

"To take that on without any reservation. To not say, 'Hey put me back at tight end,'" Bengals running backs coach Hue Jackson told "That's a violent and physical position that's head-popping all the time. You have to have the will and desire to want to do that. He does. He's growing. He's getting better."

Most of the work that Charles has done during training camp, has been primarily as a fullback that escapes as an outlet receiver in the passing game. Several times they've run a play where they fake the handoff on a stretch-like run, all the while Charles sneaks out in the opposite direction. After the fake, Charles is wide open in the flats, well away from collective defensive bodies that bit hard on the fake.

However, expect Charles to go back to tight end soon to work some snaps at that position, writes Geoff Hobson with

Gruden says Charles will move back to tight end for a little bit next week, but as Charles says, "They already know what I can do as a tight end."

But there are skill-sets that Charles has similar to players that played for Jackson in Oakland.

"I'm not comparing him to Marcel Reece, but he's got a similar skill set. He can run and he can catch," Jackson said.