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Brandon Ghee fights through a possible injury to complete practice

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Bengals cornerback Brandon Ghee needs a big year to keep the door open for an NFL career loaded with injuries.


Bengals cornerback Brandon Ghee is working hard during training camp to climb the roster and find more snaps on defense. Injuries have sidelined most of his career, and limited his overall production during seasons that he wasn't hurt.

He's played on the first-team unit when players were sitting during OTAs, so the talent (and the confidence in his talent) is there. But he's in a precarious position on the depth chart between Adam Jones and Dre Kirkpatrick; not to mention his history with injuries.

During Cincinnati's session against the Atlanta Falcons on Monday, Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer noted that Ghee "limped off the field". Initially you're thinking, "oh no." This is a player that we want to succeed, which only helps to enhance a cornerback roster that could generate an argument of being one of the more stable and top-five cornerback rosters in the NFL.

However, "he pushed himself back out" on the field "to finish the practice at the persuasion of Mike Zimmer." You have to love the motivation from Zimmer and Ghee's willingness to fight through it. Either way, we find it extremely hard for Ghee to find an NFL career beyond this season if he's unable to produce this year.