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Pete Prisco loves himself some Cincinnati Bengals

Prisco has long been a supporter of the Bengals and nothing has changed since visiting the team in Atlanta.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Scores of NFL beat writers and insiders are visiting camps around the NFL. Pete Prisco with checked in with the Bengals, and lord knows he loves his Bengals. And despite all of the pundits saying that Andy Dalton's make-or-break season is this year, Prisco believes that Dalton is "good enough to take this team to a Super Bowl."

He might never be a top-five quarterback, but he has the tools to win it all -- if things around him go right.

"What everybody is saying doesn't bother me because I expect to be better," Dalton said after working out here against the Falcons. "I expect for us to improve. Our goal is to get back to the playoffs. And once we get there, our goal is to be our best, which we haven't done. I think we have all the pieces. Now we have to go play."

Prisco made several observations, ranging from James Harrison, Michael Johnson, the case of characters at the No. 2 wide receiver position and the impressive depth at cornerback.

Not much here is new information, but it never hurts for an enthusiastic ra-ra review of the Bengals.