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Falcons take 3-0 lead following a 42-yard bubble screen

It opened with the familiar efficiency of Matt Ryan, popping quick passes in between tough ground yards by Falcons running back Steven Jackson. After deferring the opening coin toss, the Bengals defense opened the game. And it wasn't long before Atlanta had a big gain.

On second-and ten from the Falcons 34-yard line, Ryan takes the snap and flips the ball to Henry Douglas on a quick bubble screen. Several well-placed blocks later, Douglas broke free down the left sidelines before he was stopped on the 42-yard reception.

Eventually the Falcons possession stalled with a four-yard run by Jackson, followed by an inadvisable Roddy White completion that went from a first down to a shuffle behind the first down marker to pick up more yards.Jackson took the third-and-two handoff, immediately dropped by Geno Atkins and Robert Geathers for a three-yard loss.

The Falcons convert a 37-yard field goal to take a 3-0 lead.