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Bengals opening possession ends with a punt

At least we couldn't say it wasn't expected.

The Bengals offense opened the game from their own 22-yard line with a double-tight formation, putting Jermaine Gresham and rookie Tyler Eifert on the line of scrimmage. Fake handoff to the right opened Gresham's flair route on the left, allowing Gresham to haul in the pass and gain 10 yards.

Nice start.

Following back-to-back runs by Green-Ellis, the second gained 11 yards, Dalton under-threw Brandon Tate's out-route and Clint Boling was flagged for a false start, setting up a third-and-12. Ryan Whalen ran a deep curl route beyond the first down marker, but Dalton's throw was slightly delayed getting to the receiver, allowing the defense to disrupt the reception.

Dalton completes one of three passes for 10 yards (Jermaine Gresham's reception).

Bengals punt.