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Offensive rookie stars introduced into the game

Nice play design.

As Giovani Bernard joined the first-team offense during the team's second possession, Andy Dalton claps his hands behind the center in shotgun with Bernard flanking to his left. Giovani flared out in a wheel route towards the left sidelines, forcing the outside linebacker to step out, opening the hitch route for Jermaine Gresham. Eleven yards and the first down.

Tyler Eifert joined the rookie symposium of awesome in Atlanta. Following a thrown-away pass to avoid Osi Umenyiora's pass rush against Anthony Collins, Tyler Eifert ran a corner route and gained a handful of yards. Unfortunately it was called back with an illegal use of hands.

The possession ended after an overthrown lob to Giovani Bernard's screen pass leading to a third-and-20 check down pass to Bernard, who gained 16 yards against a prevent-like defense.

Bengals punt.