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Josh Johnson's legs leads to a 32-yard Mike Nugent field goal

It wasn't pretty for the team's first-team offense. After a first quarter that saw consecutive possessions end with a punt, Josh Johnson led the Bengals on a ten-play drive during their fourth possession from their own 21-yard line.

And Johnson powered most of it on his own.

With 13:46 remaining in the second quarter, Johnson pulled down the football on second down and breached the line of scrimmage for a 43-yard gain. A handful of plays later, Johnson added another 14 yards, converting a third-and-seven to Atlanta's 20-yard line.

Eventually the possession stalled in the red zone with a Anthony Collins false start, a quarterback sack, and an inadvisable throw over the middle into double coverage.

Mike Nugent converted a 32-yard field goal to tie the game at three.