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Bengals Take 10-3 lead with Josh Johnson 21-yard touchdown throw

Securing a tie with a ten-play drive using his legs early in the second quarter, quarterback Josh Johnson one-upped himself, leading Cincinnati with their first touchdown drive on the season. So it was greatly assisted by a 31-yard pass interference against the Falcons, helping Cincinnati convert a third-and-eight. But who cares. That's football.

From their own 36-yard line with 9:17 remaining in the second quarter, Cedric Peerman powered three consecutive runs for 15 yards.

With second-and-eight from the Falcons 21-yard line, Johnson finds Brandon Tate's slant on the left and fires the fast ball into his gut for the touchdown.

Cincinnati takes a 10-3 lead, with Johnson impressively moving Cincinnati's offense (though against backup defensive players for the Falcons). But who cares. That's football.