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Bengals take 17-3 half time lead on Giovani Bernard show

Brandon Ghee gave Cincinnati a perfect opportunity to expand their seven-point lead in the second quarter, picking off the football at midfield with 2:35 remaining in the first half.

And thus, we welcome you to the Giovani Bernard shot.

Three consecutive runs that gained 11 yards put Cincinnati on Atlanta's 42-yard line. After a Richard Quinn 11-yard reception and a timeout, the Bengals have first down from their own 29-yard line.

And for a moment, the drive stalled with a four-yard loss by Giovani and an incomplete that targeted the running back over the middle. Now the Bengals have a third-and-14 from the Falcons 33-yard line.

Ryan Whalen, fighting for a spot on the roster, imitates a corner route but turns back to the quarterback for a 24-yard gain to the nine-yard line. The Bengals use their second time out with :38 seconds remaining.

Johnson tried to scramble with his legs, but gained only three yards. Johnson urgently regroups offense at the line of scrimmage with the clock slowly expiring, but overthrows Cobi Hamilton out of the back of the endzone. That's fine. The clock stopped at :13.

Third and six from the Falcons six-yard line, Johnson hands off to Giovani Bernard from shotgun, who found a lane but couldn't power his way beyond the one-yard line. Preseason. What the hell. John Connor lead blocks to the right, but Bernard cuts underneath and scores the easy touchdown, giving Cincinnati a 17-3 half-time lead.