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Rookie offensive lineman Tanner Hawkinson suffers fourth quarter ankle injury

The Bengals secured a win over the Atlanta Falcons, but Hawkinson needed a cart after suffering an ankle injury.


The Bengals may have suffered a major injury midway through the fourth quarter against the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday. With 7:57 remaining in the game from Cincinnati's 13-yard line, Rex Burkhead takes the handoff and fights hard for a minimal three-yard gain off the right side.

Tanner Hawkinson, playing left guard and without a defensive lineman covering him, reached for the second level to attack one of the free-flowing linebackers. In the mean time, wide receiver Taveon Rogers, wide left, went out and looked for a defensive back to block. He found someone and that someone exploded through Rogers, who took a free-flight trip backwards right into the back of Hawkinson's legs after the play was over.

The rookie offensive lineman laid on the turf for several moments until a cart retrieved him and sent him off to the lockerroom. The Bengals are saying that it's an ankle injury.

More will be known soon, but at least Hawkinson was able to get up and rest on the cart mostly under his own power -- though walking very gingerly.