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Cincinnati Bengals Practice Squad Prediction

The Bengals will building their practice squad on Sunday, and may even announce it on the same day. We offer the first prediction for the practice squad.

Submitting a practice squad prediction for the Cincinnati Bengals is an inexact science. What it boils down to is the best players that were waived off Cincinnati's roster during final cuts, with maybe a new player or two -- but considering that are hundreds of available practice squad eligible players that didn't work for the Bengals this summer, that's bit difficult to predict.

Waiver claims will be tallied after noon (ET), when players that were released on Saturday have their waiver status expired. Obviously the prediction can't account for that due to the league's usually secretive nature on who claims whom, but we'll make the prediction anyway.

LB, J.K. Schaffer: Led the team in tackles this year, Schaffer became a victim of being limited as an inside backer. The Bengals really needed an outside linebacker that's decent in coverage to replace the injured Emmanuel Lamur, and apparently Cincinnati didn't view Schaffer as that player. Still, Schaffer figures to develop and maybe even on a fast-track to the 53-man roster if the circumstances warrant (such as not finding anyone as the sixth linebacker after Andrew Hawkins is placed on IR). It's possible that he's claimed and plays for another team this year, but consider that he led the Jacksonville Jaguars in tackles in '12 and passed through waivers unclaimed.

RB, Daniel Herron: Great preseason, led the team in rushing and at one point, held the league lead after two weeks. Showed such tremendous special teams promise last year while on the practice squad that the team promoted him to the 53-man roster after Mohamed Sanu suffered a season-ending injury.

WR, Cobi Hamilton: A talented receiver with good size. If not for the rise of Dane Sanzenbacher and the team's love for Ryan Whalen's versatility, Hamilton would have made the 53-man roster. With a little more refinement and development, Hamilton could be a fine player in the NFL. It might just take some time before that gets started.

DE, Dontay Moch: If this kid has finally overcome his migraine issues, there's a lot of talent that could overwhelm the opposition... if he ever gets that opportunity. If Moch goes unclaimed, the Bengals should have a home for him on the practice squad. How long he'd remain, is the question. Even when a player is on a team's practice squad, another team can sign him to their 53-man roster without much limitation (other than being the Bengals next opponent within a six-day period). Moch is a nice player to have in their pocket because of Carlos Dunlap's durability issues.

OT, Reid Fragel: This kid has size and even some athleticism (was a tight end early in his career). It'll be difficult for him to reach the 53-man roster this year, but then who knows when Andrew Whitworth will be healthy enough to play. He says this week, others are weighing concerns that won't evaporate until he takes the field. That being said, Fragel is raw and needs time to rehabilitate and develop. It's possible that the Bengals won't sign him to the practice squad due to the condition of his knee injury against the Colts. If that's the case, that could open the door for rookie interior lineman T.J. Johnson.

CB, Chris Lewis-Harris: He won't be the world's best shutdown cornerback, but he's a solid contributor that turned in a solid training camp. There is some experience in the regular season also, with a week four win against the Jaguars, a week 17 meeting against the Baltimore Ravens and the team's postseason loss to the Houston Texans.

CB, Onterrio McCalebb: He has the athleticism to warrant continued development, making the transition from running back at Auburn to cornerback in the NFL.

Unnamed Quarterback: Obviously if they find someone that they like, they'll sign him to the practice squad to give the team a third passer. On the other hand, if they don't find someone that they like, they won't. I'm not offering a very complicated opinion on that.