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Bengals signing quarterback Greg McElroy to the practice squad?

Former New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy may be signing with the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad once his injury settlement is finished in New York, according to

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Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We didn't see this one coming.

According to Jason La Canfora with, quarterback Greg McElroy is currently working on an injury settlement with the Jets, who released the quarterback on Saturday. Once that's finished, McElroy will "likely sign" with Cincinnati's practice squad, La Canfora tweets. McElroy, who ESPN recently reached out to for a job on College Game Day, injured his knee during practice prior to the Jets preseason finale, but the injury wasn't viewed as serious.

It's believed that the Bengals were obsessing over players on waivers to find a young quarterback that was eligible for the practice squad, giving them another layer of depth at quarterback if starter Andy Dalton or backup Josh Johnson (who may be used in specific packages) were to suffer an injury.

McElroy played two games (starting one) with the Jets in '12, completing 19 of 31 passes for 214 yards passing with a touchdown, interception, and a lost fumble.

We initially didn't include him on our early posting regarding waived quarterbacks with practice squad eligibility after reading from Jim Corbett with the USA Today said that he wasn't eligible.

However, there is a connecting-of-the-dots that may make some sense. The Bengals only signed seven players, leaving the eighth for later. If there's a hangup regarding the injury settlement, then the Bengals could be waiting for that conclusion before McElroy is allowed to sign a deal with Cincinnati.

UPDATE: Ian Rapoport confirmed that McElroy will be flying to Cincinnati, but stopped short of saying that he'd sign with the team.