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NFL Power Rankings - New team on top

I take a stab on how I think the power lies in the NFL. Feel free to let me know how you disagree.

Dustin Bradford

My thoughts are simple. If these teams played on neutral fields, how would it shake out nine times out of ten? We all understand this is an "Any Given Sunday" game. I try and make an educated prediction of how I think it shakes out.

A shift at the top was a fairly simple decision. No team looked more dominant than the Broncos did on Thursday.

It is doubtful anyone disagrees with me, but if you do let me know. Tell me where your team should be. Please don't tell me how many rings your team has won.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Broncos 1-0 1 Manning can't throw for 7 TD's every week, but this offense looks unstoppable 3
49ers 1-0 2 Colin Kaepernick looked good managing the game. For a mobile QB he racked up a ton of passing yds 1
Seahawks 1-0 3 The defense carried this team, if the offense clicks they will be really good 2
Saints 1-0 4 A big division win has the Saints jumping. 11
Texans 1-0 5 What looked ugly early turned into a nice road win for the Texans 8
Bears 1-0 6 The Bears secondary is great at forcing turnovers. The Offense was a tale of two halves 13
Cowboys 1-0 7 Probably should put the game away with 6 turnovers, but beating the Giants was a nice start for the 'Boys 14
Chiefs 1-0 8 This team looks good. Went up early, played good defense and cruised to an easy win 10
Bengals 0-1 9 Gave the game away mostly on mental mistakes, Andy Dalton looked good in debut though 5
Patriots 1-0 10 Skin of the teeth in Buffalo, Danny Amendola has a lot of weight to carry with this offense 12
Falcons 0-1 11 In the game against the Saints but couldn't pull it out in the end 4
Packers 0-1 12 Do they have a running game, by my count Aaron Rodgers threw the ball 74,000 times 6
Eagles 1-0 13 They let the Redskins creep back in, but this is a fast offense that will put up points in a hurry 24
Redskins 0-1 14 Robert Griffin looks healthy which is important, but they couldn't overcome the slow start 9
Giants 0-1 15 How are you on the road, turn the ball over 6 times and still have a chance at the end? 16
Colts 1-0 16 Maybe the Raiders are better? Maybe the Colts are not as good as their record last season 15
Lions 1-0 17 Reggie Bush looks like a great addition for this team 21
Ravens 0-1 18 Dismantled in the opener. Is Denver that good or are the Ravens that bad? I think a little of both 7
Rams 1-0 19 Squeezing past the Cardinals at home was ok, can Sam Bradford carry this offense? 17
Dolphins 1-0 20 Mike Wallace is an idiot. How do you cry for the ball when your team wins? 23
Titans 1-0 21 It is easy to show a good defense when the offense you are playing is so bad 26
Panthers 0-1 22 Almost the upset of the day, played well against a struggling Seahawks team 18
Vikings 0-1 23 Peterson can not carry the team, he will get his stats and that’s about it 19
Cardinals 0-1 24 Carson Palmer to Larry Fitzgerald looks pretty good for the Cardinals 22
Bills 0-1 25 Fred Jackson is still kicking and the team almost pulled off a big upset 28
Chargers 0-1 26 A bad team that came out on fire, too bad it fizzled in the second half 29
Jets 1-0 27 A win is a win, but nothing about this team is inspiring 32
Buccaneers 0-1 28 Huge mental mistake costs the game, theme in the NFL this week 25
Browns 0-1 29 13 carries for Richardson? It is never a good idea to ignore your stars 27
Steelers 0-1 30 It is fun to watch this team struggle, they look really really bad 20
Raiders 0-1 31 Pryor was the leading rusher on Sunday… 31
Jaguars 0-1 32 They got a safety, it wasn't a shutout 30