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Jay Gruden backs Andy Dalton after Bengals season opening loss to Bears

Jay Gruden says he is "pleased" with Andy Dalton's progress.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Dalton has been under a microscope since the Bengals loss to the Houston Texans in last year’s playoff game. Some believe that Dalton may keep the Bengals offense from reaching its full potential, but those are arguments to be settled another time.

During the regular season opener in Chicago, Dalton finished with 282 yards passing, completing 26 of his 33 pass attempts and two touchdowns. He did have two interceptions and both were arguably not his fault. One came on a slant where he appeared to stare at A.J. Green prior to making the throw. Chicago Bears defensive back Charles "Peanut" Tillman had a great break on the ball and took it the other way. The interception led to a Bears touchdown moments later. During his second interception, the well-thrown pass hit A.J. Green right in the hands that was deflected for Tillman to intercept.

Despite the two interceptions and the season opening loss, Bengals Offensive Coordinator, Jay Gruden, thinks that his quarterback played at a high level.

"He played well. He had two unfortunate interceptions," Gruden said on Bengals Line Monday Night. "One a heck of a play by Peanut Tillman on the second play of the game on a slant that he drove on and the other one off of A.J.’s hands. Other than that he played pretty good."

Dalton may have played his best game in a Bengal uniform on Sunday. After that first interception, he didn’t make many mistakes. Gruden acknowledged the fact that his quarterback is improving.

"Obviously whenever you lose there is some adjustments that needs to be done, Gruden said. "But, we’re happy with the progress Andy’s made so far."