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Former Bengals Maybin worked out for the Giants

Aaron Maybin, a former Bengals defensive player, is still holding out hope that he'll be able to resume his NFL career.


Aaron Maybin might have the opportunity to delay the fine art career that's holding so much post-NFL promise. The former first-round pick and Cincinnati Bengals defensive end (and linebacker) worked out for the for the New York Giants on Tuesday. Maybin was signed by the Bengals earlier this year, but the team released him when they were required to get under the 75-man maximum.

Maybin's artist ability was on display for HBO's Hard Knocks, especially the fourth episode that documented his eventual release. Following the episode, interest in Maybin's paintings skyrocketed with a significant surge in sales. But if he has the change to resume an NFL career, he'll take it.

"Football is always the first priority. As big of a part as [art] is, as much as I love it and as big a future as I see for myself, I still have a great love for this game and I have a lot of football left and there are still a whole lot of things I feel like I want to accomplish," Maybin said. "I am going to continue to train and prepare myself to play, hopefully this season, given the opportunity from another team."

It doesn't appear that the Giants signed Maybin, but at least the interest is there.