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Which Steelers player would you want on the Bengals

Just for kicks and giggles. If you could have one Pittsburgh Steelers player join the Cincinnati Bengals (after James Harrison of course), who would it be?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Here's a fun topic for discussion that some of my brothers from other mothers are doing around SB Nation. If you could pick one Pittsburgh Steelers player, who would it be?

Now obviously we're not going with Ben Roethlisberger -- too much history and Andy Dalton figures to be moving up. There's nothing in Pittsburgh's running game. Maybe Maurike Pouncey at center, or even Antonio Brown -- but we have Brandon Tate, so push? Heath Miller is a fine player but would you replace Jermaine Gresham at this stage?

I wouldn't mind adding to Cincinnati's pass rush with LaMarr Woodley or having someone like Lawrence Timmons in the middle. If you're willing to deal with the infrequent injuries and games missed, Troy Polamalu would end Cincinnati's unanswered questions at safety.

Or does it even have to be a player? Let's get Dick LeBeau back as the team's defensive backs coach. Just a thought.

If you could pick one, who would it be?