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Bengals salary breakdown

The USA Today released a pretty pie chart that breaks down the team's salary distribution.

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Gregory Shamus

The USA Today released a pie-chart per team, breaking down how team salaries are applied per position, with additional markers reserved for dead money and cap space.

The Bengals have a total cap spent of $126 million with 28.68 percent of the team's salary going to the Bengals defensive line.


You have to imagine tight end will eventually increase with the probable growth of Tyler Eifert and Jermaine Gresham's expiring contract after the 2014 season. And lord knows how wide receiver will skyrocket with A.J. Green's explosive deal that may earn more (per year) than what Geno Atkins signed two weeks ago.

Defensive backs with 17.01 percent of the team's salary isn't all that surprising, considering there's ten players in the secondary -- more players will add more salary).

What stands out to you?

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