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Steelers @ Bengals: Who the media picks to win

A quick jump around the web to see who the media "experts" are picking to win the Monday night matchup.

Andy Lyons

I rarely pay attention to what media people think the outcome of the game would be. However, this week as I think about how the Steelers looked so bad last week and the Bengals shot themselves in the foot in Chicago I wanted to get perspective outside of my homerism. Are the Bengals really that much better than the Steelers? Is this a game that everyone thinks the Bengals are expected to win?

I scour the net to find out what the popular pick is in the game. Below is what I found:

Name Pick Score Blurb
Elliot Harrison - Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
31 - 17 When these teams last met in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh won predominantly on the strength of two factors: Jonathan Dwyer rushing for 122 yards on 17 carries in probably the finest game of his Steelers career, and tight end Heath Miller catching six balls, including a touchdown grab in tight coverage. Uh, it's safe to say neither will happen this time around. Dwyer, who was recently cut by the team, just got re-signed, but without injured starting center Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh won't gain 122 rushing yards -- total. And Miller (knee) isn't ready to play yet. The Bengals? They should be fired up after giving away their season opener in Chicago. The Bengals moved the ball effectively against a solid Bears defense (gaining 340 yards and converting seven of their 11 third-down chances), but they turned the ball over three times. Andy Dalton and Co. right the ship this week.
Don Banks - SI Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
24 - 13 Yes, I did notice that my two Super Bowl picks, the Bengals and Packers, both lost on the road in Week 1, and that statistically speaking that bodes poorly for their chances to still be playing in early February. Nevertheless, both will get to .500 this week at home, with Cincinnati's defense making sure the Steelers' sputtering and injury-depleted offense isn't getting off the mat this week.
Pete Prisco - CBS Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
21 - 13 The Bengals blew a game last week against the Bears when they turned it over late with a chance to go up 11. Now they have their home opener against a division rival. Pittsburgh looked terrible on offense last week, and now must face a good Cincinnati defense. Bengals get their first victory.
Coley Harvey - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
24 - 13 The Bengals come into this game as the clear favorite, but questions about their pass rush and team discipline loom large after last week's disappointing 24-21 loss at Chicago. After having eight days to correct those problems, Cincinnati comes out Monday night and sends a loud early message to the rest of the AFC North.
Scott Brown - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
24 - 20 I asked James Harrison for a prediction during a Thursday conference call, and I so wanted him to go all Clubber Lang on us and say, "Pain." He didn't, nor would he give a score or a winner. I guess I will have to do in that department.
Greg Cote - Miami Herald Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
21 - 20 There wasn’t a bigger Week 1 NFL surprise than Pittsburgh losing at home to Titans. Now, this Monday nighter demands that we adjust the division paradigm to accept that the Steelers are clearly inferior to a Cincy club they once dominated. And into their Iron City beer they wept, Terrible Towels to wipe their tears. Whoa now. I said the Bangals are clearly better, but not a LOT better. As James Harrison switches sides in this series, Pitt has still won 10 of past 11 in Cincy, and should give ’Gals all they handle here.
Vinnie Iyer - Sporting News Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
20 - 17 So one of these 0-1 AFC North teams is not like the other. The Bengals came in as the division favorite, and it's like a do-over here. The Steelers looked awful at home against Tennessee, and on the road, face a better pass-rushing Cincinnati defense that should be jacked up for prime time. The hosts just need to be a little more aggressive offensively, and will quickly learn Ben Roethlisberger doesn't have the supporting cast to catch up.

Then there are the experts that pick the winners without a score projection or a writeup. Some of those are here:

Media Guy Pick
Marcus Allen - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Mike Golic - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Merril Hoge - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Ron Jaworski - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Chris Mortensen - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Adam Schefter - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Mark Schlereth - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Tom Jackson - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Keyshawn Johnson - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Mike Ditka - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Chris Carter - ESPN Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Jason La Canfora - CBS Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Josh Katzowitz - CBS Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium
Ryan Wilson - CBS Lgo_nfl_cincinnati_bengals_medium

I even went to and simulated the game to see what the computer simulation of the game would be:


When I asked Mike Tomlin what he thought of virtually everyone picking the Bengals to beat the Steelers this Monday, I got this as a reaction: