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NFL Week 2: TV broadcast and coverage

The Cincinnati Bengals have the day off so what are your options to watch the NFL this weekend?

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

With the Cincinnati Bengals having the day off on Sunday, the viewing schedule for fans will take on a life of its own. Or maybe it's a day to get things down around the house, considering that most of your Sundays will be packed with "things to do" when Cincinnati resumes their regular Sunday schedule next week. But if you're like me with your life being dominated by the National Football League, then you'll be watching whatever you're given. Unless you have the greatest gift that man has ever created, the Red Zone network -- then all of this is basically irrelevant. But not everyone does, so let's take a look at the TV broadcast for NFL games this weekend.

CBS has the double-header this weekend. For those of us in Cincinnati, we'll get the other AFC North match-up between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens on the early afternoon game while most of the nation will receive Philadelphia and San Diego.


In the CBS late afternoon game, most of the nation will have the Manning Bowl as an option with the New York Giants hosting the Denver Broncos. The only markets that won't receive this game are regions broadcasting late afternoon games that will be on FOX or the Jaguars at Raiders (I'm sorry if that's the game that you get).


As for FOX, the games are heavily segmented with seven games jammed throughout the afternoon -- five in the early afternoon, two in the late afternoon. Those of us in Cincinnati will have the Washington Redskins and Green Bay Packers, which is a decent alternative to the Ravens and Browns.


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