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Already 181 yards in kickoff returns between Bears and Vikings

Randy Moss may feel disrespected for a rookie wearing his No. 84, Cordarrelle Patterson made an immediate impact during Minnesota's game against the Chicago Bears, who defeated the Bengals 24-21 last week.

Patterson returned Robbie Gould's opening kickoff 105 yards to the endzone to give the Minnesota Vikings a 7-0 lead on the very first play of the game. Chicago nearly responded with their own kickoff return, but Devin Hester was pushed out of bounds at the Vikings 32-yard line following a 76-yard return. After four consecutive Matt Forte touches (three runs, one reception), the Bears tie the game with a Martellus Bennett one-yard touchdown reception.

It isn't much of a big deal for the Vikings to beat the Bears, or vice versa, in regards to Cincinnati's postseason chances this year, save for the record against common opponents (if there's a tie with another AFC North team).