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Browns and Ravens have punted six consecutive times

Maybe we had greater expectations for the AFC North, but the week two meeting between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns has the early nomination for snooze-fest game of the week. After both teams drove during their opening possessions for field goal attempts (Ravens missed, Browns converted), both teams have combined for six consecutive punts.

Baltimore actually gained six first downs in the first quarter, but their offense feels out of sync and their rushing offense is nonexistent -- seven runs, 19 yards rushing. Cleveland, on the other hand, has played extremely conservative, snooze-worthy football, though they've gained at least one first down during the opening four possessions.

Cleveland moved the football during their four possession that began with over 11 minutes in the second quarter, using a balance of runs and passes (a mixture of short comebacks and short crossing patterns). Yet, after generating three first downs, Brandon Weeden was sacked twice and the Browns were forced to punt.