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Browns vs. Ravens: Ravens record first win in defensive battle against the Browns

The Baltimore Ravens secured their first win of the 2013 regular season, and it was ugly.

Rob Carr

The Baltimore Ravens may have secured their first win of the 2013 season, but it wasn't pretty.

During the Baltimore's initial 11 possessions (excluding the knee to end the first half), the Ravens punted six times, missed two field goals, and lost a fumble.

In the end, all Baltimore needed was an 80-yard possession to open the second half to take a 7-6 lead with a little fourth quarter padding, adding a second score and a 14-6 lead by the 8:57 mark. Torrey Smith led the Ravens with 85 yards receiving while Baltimore's rushing offense averaged a mediocre 2.8 yards/rush.

Cleveland was unable to capitalize on Baltimore's struggles, turning in an offensive performance that was even more offensive than the Ravens.

Of Cleveland's 12 possessions, eight ended in punts, two turnovers on downs, and two converted field goals -- both in the first half. Of their 15 third down opportunities, Cleveland converted four -- which is actually an upgrade after going 1/14 last week against the Dolphins. Neither offense reached the 300-yard mark.

The victory wasn't without it's cost. Midway through the third quarter, running back Ray Rice departed with a hip injury while cornerback Jimmy Smith showed concussion symptoms on a nasty collision during a fourth quarter incomplete pass down field.

Rice posted a 2.8 yard/rush average on 13 carries before his injury. Browns quarterback Branden Weeden also left the game with a thumb injury, replaced by backup quarterback Jason Campbell late in the fourth quarter.