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Texans Hold Off Titans With Touchdown Catch In Overtime

The dramatics from Week Two around the NFL continued in Houston on Sunday. As we updated earlier, the Titans took an eight-point lead with around two minutes to play, but gave it up when Houston drove late and tied it up with a touchdown and two point conversion. After another missed field goal by Houston which would have won it, the game went to overtime.

The Texans drove down the field on a couple of great plays by rookie receiver DeAndre Hopkins and scored a touchdown to seal the game. Had they only scored a field goal, the Titans would have had an opportunity with the ball, but Hopkins and the Texans quelled any hopes of that on a short jump-ball catch to end it. It was one of a handful of great finishes in the early games and the second in a row by the Texans in 2013 to bring them to 2-0.