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How to watch Monday Night Football via online streaming

Unable to watch the game from your television? You might have legal options that you didn't realize.

Say that you're at work, or at your girlfriends, and you're thinking to yourself, "man, I could use some Bengals on Monday Night Football." Fear, not. Well, fear not if your cable provider is through one of the approved affiliates. If you're with one of the providers listed here, then all you need to do is log into and enjoy the game.

One caveat.

Though you can watch all of ESPN's networks using a mobile device, you can't watch the game on it. Per's FAQ:

Due to rights differences, Monday Night Football (and preseason NFL games) are only available on WatchESPN on a desktop, WatchESPN on Xbox with a Xbox Live GOLD membership, WatchESPN on Apple TV, or on the WatchESPN application on iPads. Android devices will not have access to Monday Night Football programming.

Also, if ESPN doesn't have an agreement with your cable provider, the game won't be available to you through WatchESPN at all. So check that provider list here.