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NFL games closer than ever this season

Parity is often talked about in the NFL. This season there have been a record number of close games in the first two weeks.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Sure there have been blowouts. The Denver Broncos have had no issues distancing themselves from their competition. This has not been the norm this season.

22 games so far this season have been decided by 7 points or fewer. This is the most through the first two weeks of any season in NFL history. 11 of those games were decided by 3 points or fewer.

14 times a team has come back from a 4th quarter deficit to win. 3 games in week two alone showed teams scoring in the final 10 seconds to take the lead and win. (Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints)

  • EJ Manuel hit Stevie Johnson with 0:02 left for a game tying touchdown. The Bills went on to win after the extra point 24-23.
  • Jay Cutler once again overcame a 4th quarter deficit with a 16-yard touchdown pass to Martellus Bennett with 0:10 remaining to give the Bears a 31-30 win.
  • Garret Hartley clutch kicked a 27-yard field goal as time ran out in the Saints' 16-14 win.

"What people love about the NFL," says New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Breew, "is that every game, every
week, no matter who is playing, anything can happen. So many games come down to that last possession."

We hear the "Any Given Sunday" talk often and this season is proving the statement. It makes games that much more fun to watch to the end and even better to talk about the next day.

In relating this to the Bengals, we saw the Bengals give up the lead in week one to the Bears, In week two they covered a 7 point spread and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers by 10. A 10 point win in the NFL is a huge victory and based on the current trend it is rather rare.