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The AFC North Is The Worst Division In The NFL

Teams in the AFC North are currently 2-6 -- and both wins were against teams within the division.

Jason Miller

I'm from Big Ten country. And for the longest time, I believed that the Big Ten was the best conference in College Football -- even after the SEC clearly established the domination that they've set in the past decade. Eventually, eyes were opened and the Big Ten is just another conference (though dominated by the Ohio State University).

The same thing has happened in the AFC North. With the Bengals rising, it added to the logic that the division is the best in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers adding to a three-team trio of domination.

Not quite.

Cleveland is dominating the headlines as the team already throwing in the white flag to challenge Jacksonville for the No. 1 pick of the 2013 NFL draft. Pittsburgh dominated Tuesday's headlines for how bad they looked against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens escaped those same Browns last week with an eight-point win on Sunday.

The AFC North is not the top division.

Not even close.

In fact, John Breech with ranks the AFC North as the worst.

If you got to vote on the two ugliest games of Week 2, Bengals-Steelers and Browns-Ravens would be on the top three games on everyone's ballot. It would be unanimous. The only other game in the conversation would be Raiders-Jaguars. The AFC North still doesn't have any wins against any other division and when they all played each other in Week 2, it was like watching a cat watch a monkey watch paint dry on a black-and-white television. It was ugly. Last week's ranking: 8. (0-1 vs. AFC East, 0-1 vs. AFC West, 0-1 vs. AFC South 0-1 vs. NFC North)