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What are the best Cincinnati Bengals fantasy football team names?

Whether you've created them or seen them in your fantasy leagues, we want to hear from you on some of the best Bengals fantasy football team names!

Scott Halleran

We've been asked by a few readers on Twitter for some recommendations on Bengals themed fantasy football team names for the 2013 season. Rather than hand out our own ideas (which would probably be pretty terrible), we thought it would be best to ask you, the readers, the very same question.

Some of the more memorable team names I've seen over the years:

Atkins Diet

It's Sanu Year

Vontaze Me Bro

Dalton's Daywalkers

Nobody's Burfict

Tell us the best fantasy football names you've seen in the comments below! If you see something you like, it's never too late to change your team name.

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