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Bengals Tackle Andrew Whitworth Uncertain About Playing Week One Versus Bears

The Bengals' starting left tackle isn't sure if he'll be in the lineup for the season opener against the Chicago Bears. He has been rehabbing all offseason from a spring cleanup procedure on his knee.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

While most of Bengals nation is rejoicing with the Geno Atkins mega-extension, there are still a couple of question marks heading into the regular season opener against the Chicago Bears. One of those questions is with the team's Pro Bowl left tackle, Andrew Whitworth.

Earlier this spring, Whitworth had a cleanup procedure done on his knee that had been bothering him throughout the 2012 season. While it was a good idea long term for Whitworth's health and overall strength, it still has been hampering his progress and ability to play this preseason.

In speaking with the local media on Monday, Whitworth didn't commit to playing on Sunday in the season opener.

If we know Whitworth at all, it's likely that he'll suit up and go--especially with a handful of practices and six days until they have to play. Still, it's been an issue all offseason and preseason, so like Whitworth, we're just not sure. If he can't go, backup Anthony Collins will step in for him, as he has ably done this preseason.