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Marvin Lewis: "There's A Plan" With Linebacker Thomas Howard's Visit To Cincinnati

Marvin Lewis coyly addressed the Thomas Howard situation on Monday with the local media. Though they will be careful, Lewis feels confident about how the Bengals are approaching Howard's visit.

Joe Robbins

In back-to-back seasons, the Bengals have suffered tough, season-ending injuries to their best coverage linebackers. In the early portion of 2012, the team lost Thomas Howard, who had a great previous season, in a practice. This preseason, the team lost Emmanuel Lamur to a shoulder injury, who helped to step in for Howard last year. Now, the Bengals are reportedly looking at bringing Howard in for a visit this week because of the injury to Lamur.

It's funny how the NFL works, isn't it?

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis addressed the Howard visit rumors on Monday with the local media and appeared confident in how they are approaching the situation.

If Howard appears that he has recovered well enough from his injury, the team might leap to sign him. They went light in the position group on the final roster, giving most the impression that a late addition might take place. Given Lewis' affinity for Howard, it could be a very realistic possibility that Howard re-appears in Cincinnati.

Again, it all depends on that knee of his.