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Bengals fantasy sit/start advice Week 3

The Bengals will face one of the NFL's best offenses on Sunday. What does this mean for fantasy owners? We take a look at the implications.

I wasn't impressed with the selection of cheerleader pics this week. So you get a helmet for Week 3.
I wasn't impressed with the selection of cheerleader pics this week. So you get a helmet for Week 3.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Dalton: Dalton may be one of the better QB2 options out there in Week 3. It isn't hard to figure out why; Expect the Bengals to be playing catch up with the Packers elite offense. Even if Cincinnati's defense slows the Packers down a bit, the game will likely rely on Dalton's arm more than ever. Expect at least two passing touchdowns and at least 250 yards from Dalton. Assuming Dalton's floor is somewhere in that range, he could crack twenty points in most formats. I'm not suggesting you get cute and start Dalton over Peyton Manning, but I am saying that Dalton is a fringe top-10 start this week despite his struggles on Monday.

Wide Receivers: We really don't need to spend time breaking down whether or not you should start A.J. Green. Pierre Garcon just caught eight passes for 143 yards against Green Bay in Week 2. A.J. Green will bounce back as he always does, and it will happen on Sunday. As much as I'd like to call Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones a fantasy sleeper this week, I still can't recommend starting either one with both of Cincinnati's tight ends getting most of the work so far this season. Considering the depth at wide receiver in most fantasy leagues, it's unlikely you'll want to start any other Bengals wide receiver.

Running backs: A lot of fantasy experts are naturally predicting the Bengals will treat the run game as an afterthought in Week 3, as the Packers may force the Bengals offense to play catch up all afternoon offensively. I'm not so sure about that. Part of me believes the Bengals may overcompensate for losing their offensive rhythm in the first half of the Steelers game. I could easily see them deliberately establishing a run game especially in the first half. Another part of me believes that the Packers won't overload the scoreboard because the Bengals have he ability to defensively keep Rodgers in check.

With that said, Giovani Bernard is your best bet this week. Whichever direction the Bengals choose to go with the run game, Bernard will likely see his share of work both in the air and on the ground. Bernard was drafted for games like this. I do believe that Green-Ellis will see his fair share of work, but he should only be started if you're faced with a lack of options. Consider Bernard a sexy flex and Green-Ellis a low-end flex in leagues with 12 teams or more.

Tight Ends: As usual, it's difficult to predict which tight end will have the better game. Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert have experienced very similar stat lines over the past two weeks. There has been some great tight end production around the league, so I can't imagine a situation where you're forced to play either of the two. You could lock me in a dark room with Jessica Black's Friday blaring through speakers on repeat until I give you an answer, and I still don't know that I could even mutter a solution through the tears. It's that bad. Close your eyes, pick one, and hope for the best. I know, amazing advice. How am I not on ESPN's payroll at this point?

Cincinnati defense/ special teams: If you're starting Cincinnati's defense this week, you're hoping for sacks. Rodgers is behind a shaky offensive line and will likely see his share of pressure this week. Regardless, there should be a better start this week in most leagues. If you own Cincinnati's defense, try to avoid dropping them. They face the Cleveland Browns in Week 4. Expect an outstanding rebound if they struggle against a Packers offense that has allowed the second fewest fantasy points to team defenses.

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