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Green Bay takes a 16-14 as the first half expires

The Cincinnati Bengals defense, once again, stood tall during the Packers two-minute offense to limit Green Bay to a field goal.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Eventually the Cincinnati Bengals are going to tire out.

In six consecutive possessions, the Bengals offense has gone three-and-out, interception, fumble, fumble, fumble, and three and out. Despite the horrible offensive possessions, the Bengals maintained a 14-13 lead with 5:35 remaining in the first half.

Only, the Bengals defense aren't tired yet.

Despite the Green Bay Packers moving the football from their own 22-yard line, to the Bengals four-yard line, Carlos Dunlap hammered a little difficulty in the Packers offense with a one-handed quarterback sack on second down. Aaron Rodgers tried to lead Jordy Nelson on a third down slant, but Terence Newman tackled the receiver immediately, limiting the yards after reception to zero.

Mason Crosby converted the 26-yard field goal, taking the lead 16-14, despite the Bengals offense attempting to suicide their chances to win this game.