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Safety Jeromy Miles claimed by the Baltimore Ravens

The Bengals kept exposing Jeromy Miles on the waiver wire to find room for healthier players. This time he's not returning.

Gregory Shamus

Jeromy Miles' status has been all over the map.

After suffering a hamstring injury against the Chicago Bears, MIles was waived heading into the Monday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to make room for linebacker J.K. Schaffer.

The Wednesday prior to the team's week three game against the Green Bay Packers, the team re-signed Miles and placed Schaffer back on the practice squad (obviously after he cleared waivers a day later). On Saturday, the Bengals made room for cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris by... waiving Jeromy Miles.

This time, he's not coming back... at least right away.

The Baltimore Ravens have reportedly claimed Miles off waivers.

Prior to suffering his hamstring injury, Miles hadn't missed a game dating back to 2011. After leading the team in special teams tackles and the coaches "special teams" designation on the Pro Bowl fan ballot in 2011, Miles finished second the following year (2012) with 15 special teams stops. Miles re-signed with Cincinnati in mid-April but his hamstring and the lack of room on the team's roster forced the team to play musical waiver wire.