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Lawrence Taylor still not a fan of Boomer Esiason

In a feud that has lasted for many years, an interview on a documentary stirs up the feelings Lawrence Taylor has for Boomer Esiason

Stephen Dunn

Boomer Esiason was asked to provide some commentary for a documentary on Lawrence Taylor. It is no secret the trouble Taylor had both on and off the field when he was with the New York Giants. He admitted to using drugs (cocaine) as early as his second year in the NFL, and was suspended several times by the league for failed drug tests.

Boomer claims (as he has in the past) that Taylor was given preferential treatment in light of what everyone knew was going on.

Taylor took offense stating:

"What the hell you got Boomer Esiason on something that - a piece you do of me? We can't stand each other, he don't know a f-k about me. What the hell's he doing on it?" First of all, Boomer's a dickhead," Taylor continued. "Hey, listen. I remember when he was there running the streets, screwing all kind of hoes. Don't give me that holier than thou sh-t. I don't wanna hear that sh-t. . . . He gets off on it. He's still talking about me. I ain't talking about him."

So apparently there is no love lost between the two.

I would argue there is still preferential treatment given in sports to the stars of the game. Most recently the Aldon Smith case raised awareness to the fact that he played when the team knew he was in trouble.

It's a business and the business is winning. Teams are going to do whatever they can to help keep the stars on the field. It is as true now as in the past.