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NFL Power Rankings - Bengals are a top 5 team

I take a stab on how I think the power lies in the NFL. Feel free to let me know how you disagree.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

My thoughts are simple. If these teams played on neutral fields, how would it shake out nine times out of ten? We all understand this is an "Any Given Sunday" game. I try and make an educated prediction of how I think it shakes out.

It is doubtful anyone disagrees with me, but if you do let me know. Tell me where your team should be. Please don't tell me how many rings your team has won.

Team Rank Reason Previous Ranking
49ers 1 The defense is outstanding. Another year under Colin Kaepernick's belt only makes this team stronger. na
Seahawks 2 Incredible running game and a very strong bass rush. Another young QB that is only going to get better. na
Broncos 3 This is the sexy pick this season. Peyton is rumored to have an even stronger arm than last season. He still has not won as many playoff games in Denver as Tim Tebow did. na
Falcons 4 If the defense can just be serviceable this could be an elite team. The addition of Steven Jackson was huge. na
Bengals 5 Trust me, I want to put them higher… na
Packers 6 I like the addition of Eddie Lacy, however the Packers need to somehow protect the pocket. Aaron Rodgers is getting older and needs time in the pocket. na
Ravens 7 The defending champs, lost a ton on D. Did add Elvis Dumervil on the line. na
Texans 8 Good offense, good defense. Can't force myself to put them higher than 8. na
Redskins 9 Can RG'3 play? Cousins is a good backup, but a backup does not keep the Redskins in the top 10. na
Chiefs 10 I can't believe where the Chiefs finished last season. A good team now has a good coach. This 2 win team sent 6 players to the pro bowl last season. na
Saints 11 I don’t think it was just missing Sean Payton last season, this is a team on the decline. na
Patriots 12 The only reason they are in the top 15 is because their division is so bad. Someone has to rise to the top in the east. na
Bears 13 Hopefully they bounce back from the beating the Bengals give them on Sunday. na
Cowboys 14 Monte Kiffin should make the defense better and there is a ton of talent on offense. It is too early for this team to fold. na
Colts 15 I feel like the result of the Colts last season was decent QB play and a ton of lucky bounces. Karma won't be as friendly this season. na
Giants 16 The Giants used to be the best in the pass rush, this is no longer the case. Eli Manning will keep them in games but they are a middle of the road team. na
Rams 17 The defense is solid, however the running game is suspect. Will Tavon Austin be a difference maker from the WR position? na
Panthers 18 Can Cam Newton do enough? The secondary is suspect but the pass rush is decent. na
Vikings 19 If Adrian Peterson has a better season than last, this team jumps. Do you feel good about Christian Ponder when all you ask him to do is not mess up? na
Steelers 20 Ugh. This team just doesn't look very good. O-Line seems weak and the running game is a question mark. I don't think your rings are going to do much for you this season. na
Lions 21 How well does Matthew Stafford play? This team looked better than 4 wins last year. na
Cardinals 22 Nick Seuberling is hoping for a big year from Carson Palmer, he will get his yds but the defense may be on the field too much. na
Dolphins 23 Who is going to run the ball? The wide receivers look better with the speedy Mike Wallace. na
Eagles 24 Defense is suspect. Can Chip Kelly translate his gimmick offense to a game where everyone is fast? na
Buccaneers 25 No pass rush and a QB Josh Freeman who is still a question mark. na
Titans 26 This team could improve as they built a line to open it up for Chris Johnson. Defenses will still cheat until Jake Locker proves he can beat them. na
Browns 27 Have not one more than 5 games since 2007. While they look better on paper, I need to see it to believe it. na
Bills 28 Will EJ Manuel play or will undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel take the snaps? This team is in full rebuilding mode. na
Chargers 29 Name some Chargers, Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates and uhhh, ummmm…. na
Jaguars 30 In order to sell tickets, a young QB from the area is a free agent. Tim Tebow could help this team, in merchandising. na
Raiders 31 The product on the field is a result of the bad management for so long. Terelle Pryor could be the signal caller for this team. na
Jets 32 Two terrible diva quarterbacks. The defense is not around that can keep them in games. na