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SB Nation Power Rankings: Bengals At No. 9

Power Rankings are here and we'll become your one-stop shop for everything power rankings.

Harry How

Welcome back, power rankings.

Perhaps one of most sought-after weekly postings for most major sports networks is the NFL's Power Rankings. It's a quick and dirty impression on how others view your team and how that compares to others.

SB Nation ran their (or is it "our") first power ranking for the regular season, which was a poll from every team manager throughout the network (myself included), that was tallied up to generate the ranking.

When it was all said in done, the Bengals ranked No. 9.

Comparatively speaking, the Bengals were listed No. 5 among all AFC teams and second in the AFC North (Baltimore ranked No. 8). The best team in the NFL? The San Francisco 49ers.

This is but a taste of our weekly power rankings. Along with Mickey doing his own, giving the Bengals a generous No. 5, we'll be relaying the rankings from others into one single ranking using a complex formula of adding everything together and then dividing it.

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