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Bengals nearing sell outs in first three home games

The Cincinnati Bengals are translating great offseason buzz into ticket sales this year.

Streeter Lecka

If you're in Cincinnati, black outs have become a very real possibility for the past three years -- especially when fans began to dump their season tickets during the '10 season. They struggled to sell out half of their games in 2010 with a handful of blackouts in '11, and six of the eight regular season games last season.

Thanks to the best offseason and preseason buzz to date, the Bengals have nearly sold out their first three regular season games of the year.

The team has already exhausted their supply of the first two home games against the Steelers (MNF) and the Packers, leaving hundreds available through the purchases of two-game ticket packs. If you buy tickets for the Monday Night game against the Steelers, you'll receive the game against Cleveland and the week three home game against the Packers is paired with the New York Jets. The Brown and Jets could be the hardest game to sellout this year.

The team's third home game against the New England Patriots on Oct. 6 is close to a sellout as well.

"We’re ahead of where we were last year," manager of ticket sales Andrew Brown told Steve Watkins with the Cincinnati Business Courier. "Pack sales (two-game and four-game deals) are well ahead of last year."