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Hard Knocks Preview: All Good Things Come To An End

Hard Knocks for the Cincinnati Bengals will finally conclude Tuesday night. We have a preview.


It's almost over.

When the final episode of Hard Knocks premieres at 10 p.m. Tuesday night, we'll carry the memories of the players and coaches that we met. In my core, I hate comparing one thing to another across different eras, whether that's five years, or five months -- things change to make comparisons an inexact science. We probably will tonight after the show anyway...just because, well, that's me.

It's been an awesome ride watching these guys. Instead of typing names without faces or reading roster updates, not only can we put a face to that player, but a voice and even a personality. That's been the best experience during both editions; humanizing these players that we see from such a distance once every week.

A few things to expect:

  • Larry Black returns to visit with the team.
  • Geno Atkins signing his extension.
  • An interview with suspended defensive end DeQuin Evans.
  • Coaches evaluations prior to final cuts.
  • Final cuts.
  • Sights and sounds of the preseason finale against the Indianapolis Colts

After the premiere Tuesday night at 10 p.m. (ET), HBO will re-air Hard Knocks on Sept. 4 (7:30 p.m., 11:00 p.m.), Sept. 5 (3:00 p.m., 3:15 a.m.), Sept. 6 (10:30 a.m., 8:00 p.m., midnight), Sept. 7 (11:30 a.m., 10:00 p.m.), Sept. 8 (10:30 a.m.) and Sept. 9 (midnight). HBO2 playdate: Sept. 9 (5:30 p.m.).