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Andrew Hawkins praises former head coach Marc Trestman

Hawkins played two seasons under Trestman for the Montreal Alouettes.

Jonathan Daniel

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins won't play this weekend. In fact, he can't play until week nine -- though he's eligible to practice during week seven. Despite being on Injured Reserve with the designation to return, Hawkins intends to make the trip to Chicago, where his former CFL coach Marc Trestman is the head coach for the Bears. Hawkins was out of a job when Trestman gave Hawkins an opportunity

"I probably wouldn’t be in the NFL had I not had the opportunity to play for him," Hawkins said via the Chicago Sun-Times. "He taught me how to be a professional — about my work, my attitude. I’ve said it numerous times: I thank God for the opportunity to play under him, because I don’t think I’d be where I am today without him."

Hawkins played two seasons for the Montreal Alouettes (2009-10) under Trestman, posting 41 receptions, 457 yards receiving and five touchdowns. Their relationship is further documented in Mark Potash's posting, which also reflects the receivers' perspective on his current head coach Marvin Lewis in comparison to his former mentor.

‘‘I have a great coach in Marvin Lewis — he lights a fire under you. He wants to motivate you verbally and get you to go out there and get things done. That’s a great way to do it. With Marc, what’s so unique about him is you’re not used to seeing that style in a football setting. He doesn’t raise his voice very much. He tells you exactly what he wants in the same tone. He’ll tell you you’re wrong in the same tone he tells you ‘Great job.’ It’s unique. I think it works. You buy into it. I think you don’t have a choice but to buy into it because it’s proven.’’