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Bengals have change of heart concerning tailgate lots

The Bengals are sending emails out to season ticket holders informing them that tailgate lots will be open 4 hours prior to kickoff.

It seems the Bengals have had a change of heart in the time they will allow fans to begin to tailgate in team controlled lots. After some uproar that even made it into the broadcasting of Who-Dey Weekly, the window has been reopened to 4 hours before kickoff.

This was just the latest reaction to some changes the NFL is attempting to make to ensure the game crowds are fan friendly. Many of us who have been to the home games have no doubt experienced the drunken behavior of a few moronic fans. However, the fact the NFL wanted to try and curb this behavior by closing some tailgate lots a tiny bit earlier is a little silly.

There are still going to be morons at the game, whether they tailgate for one hour or 4. However, for people that have made a tradition of setting up large tailgates in the team controlled lots this is good news.

Speaking of tailgates, where is it you like to do your pregame preparations?