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Letter to season-ticket holders regarding parking lot changes

The Bengals reverted a change. Originally they had changed when the team-controlled parking to 3.5 hours. People complained. The Bengals listened, wiping out that change and reverting it back to four.

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The Cincinnati Bengals sent a letter to season-ticket holders announcing that team-controlled parking lots will open four hours prior to kickoff, reverting a recently changed time of 3.5 hours.

Here's the email.

PS, well done Bengals.


Bengals Fan,

Recently, the Bengals announced a change to the opening time for the parking lots that we control from 4 hours prior to kickoff to 3 1/2 hours prior to kickoff.

We heard from many of you, that the half hour makes a big difference - especially to those who enjoy a more elaborate tailgate experience. After reviewing the situation, and talking to many of our season parking customers, we have decided to return to the 4-hour opening time.

The original decision was made to be proactive in addressing concerns about access to available parking spaces due to tailgaters taking up more than their one allotted space.

Over the past several years activity in the parking lots has grown as tailgating at our games has become more popular. Add to this the impact that the development at The Banks has caused (through the reduction of available spaces) and we have a situation where some late-arriving fans find it impossible to find a space due to others taking up more than one parking space.

So while we are going back to the 4-hour opening time, we want to encourage everyone to be aware of the rules.

All of the lots will be patrolled by Hamilton County Deputy Sheriffs and if they request that you pack your party into a single space to allow for others to park as we get closer to kickoff, please accommodate them.

There have been a few situations where tailgaters' conduct has been rude or inappropriate as others look for parking spaces. Such behavior is not acceptable. Any pass holder that exhibits such behavior is subject to having their parking pass revoked for the balance of the season. As the pass holder you are also responsible for the guests at your tailgate party. If this kind of behavior is witnessed from one of your guests your parking pass is also subject to revocation.

While the vast majority of our parking pass holders tailgate responsibly, it is very important that everyone have a great gameday experience, so be aware that more attention will be paid to this situation this year.

We appreciate your loyalty and we look forward to a great season this year.

Who Dey!