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Bengals vs. Bears is the most expensive Week 1 game to attend

While the true reason may be difficult to pinpoint, the cost of a Bengals vs. Bears ticket is higher than any other NFL game in Week 1.

Jamie Squire

The NFL season kicks off on Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET as the Ravens take on the Broncos in Denver. The returning Super Bowl champions take on a familiar foe with the Peyton Manning led Broncos. Both teams squared off in the 2012 regular season and the Ravens eliminated the Broncos from a chance at the Super Bowl in January.

Seems like an exciting game. Right? It'll set you back close to $85 to attend the game. Or you could pay as low as $120 to watch the Bengals play the Bears at Soldier Field.

That's right. The Bengals and Bears game is currently the most expensive game to attend during the first week of the NFL regular season. According, you could watch the Cowboys play their division rival Giants in Dallas for nearly a quarter of the cost to witness the non-divisional match up between the Bengals and Bears.

One could argue that the close proximity of the two teams creates the higher demand. For less than a six hour drive each way, Cincinnati residents could make a long weekend to watch a Bengals away game in Chicago. Perhaps that is a big factor in all of this. With that considered, it's interesting that the Eagles at Redskins isn't demanding more than $93 a ticket. Both are division rivals and the hometown fans are less than three hours apart.

The Bengals have generated a lot of buzz this offseason. Many analysts are ranking them in the top ten to start the season. The fact that they are involved in the most expensive game to start the season further encourages their preseason hype.

For what it's worth: The Cardinals, now led by former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, can be found in St. Louis on Sunday. The cost for a Cardinals vs. Rams ticket? Between $15 and $40. It's the cheapest game of the season.

These figures are being derived from StubHub and NFL Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster. Therefore, the costs may fluctuate from here on out.